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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on applying various massage modes of the Ceragem Master V3/V4 to alleviate back pains and discomforts. Designed to target specific areas of the back and body, the Ceragem Master V3/V4 offers a range of massage modes tailored to address upper back pain and shoulder pain, middle back pain, lower back pain, and overall body discomfort.

Whether you're seeking relief from chronic issues or simply looking to unwind after a long day, mastering the application of these massage modes can significantly enhance your well-being and promote relaxation.

In this guide, we'll provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to effectively utilize each mode to target different areas of discomfort and maximize the benefits of your Ceragem experience.

Let's explore how to alleviate your back pains and achieve a renewed sense of comfort and vitality with the Ceragem Master V3/V4.

Stabbing pain in the upper back can have different causes. In any case, we advise you to seek medical advice, especially if you have very limited mobility as a result. We will then be happy to advise you on which programs on the CERAGEM Master V3/V4 Spine Therapeutic Thermal Massager can help you relax your upper back muscles and relieve pain. In advance, here are some recommendations for programs you could use on the automatic massager:

Recommendation #1 for Upper Back and Shoulder Pain- AUTOMATIC MODE

AUTOMATIC MODE: In preparation for treating upper back pain, we recommend treating the entire back evenly. One of the two programs named below can then be used. This program places a slight focus on the cervical and thoracic spine with the nine acupressure points. Lie down on the massage bed. After starting the program, the heated built-in massage rollers move up and down your back. You stand at the respective acupressure points for 60 seconds, raising and lowering yourself. After 36 minutes and 30 seconds, you are relaxed and prepared for the more targeted treatment (recommendation #2 and #3).

Recommendation #2 for Upper Back and Shoulder Pain - MODE 5

Mode 5: Ideally, you are already relaxed from using the standard mode (Mode A), which makes your upper back more receptive to the massage treatment now taking place. Alternatively, you can choose to begin directly with Mode 5: Switch on the massage bed beforehand to ensure the desired temperature is reached before starting. The thermal massage covers the entire back but focuses on five points along the thoracic spine. As the massage rollers move along your back, you pause at the acupressure points of vertebrae 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12. At these points, your spine is stretched by lifting and lowering to the degree (1 to 9) chosen at the beginning. The duration of this mode is 36 minutes and 30 seconds.

Recommendation #3 for Upper Back and Shoulder Pain - MODE 7

Mode 7: Once you're mentally and physically prepared, for instance, by completing the standard program, you're ready to begin. The massage bed is already comfortably warm, providing a relaxing environment for you to lie on. As the built-in massage rollers glide along your back, you can adjust the intensity to your preference, whether you prefer a gentle or firmer massage. For an enhanced therapeutic effect, ensure you are well-covered with a warming mat or blanket. During the acupressure massage targeting the thoracic vertebrae 2, 6, 8, and 10, your back is stretched to the degree you specify (ranging from 1 to 9) based on your needs. This mode has a duration of 36 minutes and 30 seconds.

It's important to acknowledge that there's no one-size-fits-all solution for middle back pain, and there isn't a singular "best" painkiller to address it. If you find yourself experiencing discomfort in your middle back, or any other region of your back and shoulders, we strongly advise seeking professional medical guidance. Specialists such as orthopedists, osteopaths, or chiropractors are well-equipped to provide tailored assessments and recommendations for your specific condition.

Once you've consulted with these healthcare experts, we can offer valuable insights into suitable programs on our fully automatic massage table. When complemented with our cutting-edge CERAGEM Master V3/V4, the combined benefits of thermal massage and acupressure can provide significant relief from tension, enhancing your overall well-being. Your journey to relief and relaxation begins with professional guidance and a holistic approach to address your middle back pain effectively.

Recommendation #1 for Middle Back Pain - BASIC MODE

Automatic Program or Basic MODE:
Whether you opt for the Automatic Program or the Basic Program, both serve as effective preparation for the focused massages found in MODE 4 and 9. These programs utilize heated massage rollers on the massage bed, employing infrared heat, acupressure techniques, and gentle back stretching to provide comprehensive relief to your entire back.

By precisely positioning the pleasantly warm rollers (with adjustable temperature settings) over specific acupressure points, the treatment experience is reminiscent of the well-known moxa therapy practiced in traditional Oriental Chinese Medicine.

- The Automatic Program targets nine acupoints along the thoracic and cervical spine.
- In contrast, the Basic Program focuses on seven acupoints but extends its attention to the lower-middle back area, addressing four acupressure points in the lumbar spine as well.

Both programs are designed to last for a soothing 36 minutes and 30 seconds each, offering you a rejuvenating and holistic approach to alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation.

Recommendation #2 for Middle Back Pain - MODE 4

MODE 4: When your massage bed has been thoroughly preheated, and you've readied a cozy blanket for your upper body, you're in for a soothing therapy session that spans a leisurely 36 minutes and 30 seconds.

During this session, you'll be treated to an exquisite experience, thanks to our integrated massage rollers crafted from a special type of jade or ceratonic stones. These rollers glide gently along your spine, applying just the right pressure to knead and caress your muscles.

As these rollers move, they skillfully perform acupressure by rhythmically lifting and lowering, targeting key pressure points. The careful application of heat is designed to evoke the cherished moxibustion effect known from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This selective thermal acupressure unfolds across six specific locations along the thoracic spine, namely vertebrae 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. As this process unfolds, your back will experience a delightful stretching sensation, enhancing the overall therapeutic impact.

Recommendation #3 for Middle Back Pain - MODE 9

MODE 9 presents a comprehensive 36-minute and 30-second massage therapy session, offering both an excellent intensification option after completing the automatic or basic program and a viable standalone choice when the CERAGEM Master V3/V4 has achieved the desired temperature.

To initiate this invigorating therapy, simply recline and let the automatic massager work its magic. The built-in internal projector skillfully traverses your back following carefully designed patterns.

This program delivers targeted thermal acupressure to the thoracic vertebrae 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. By gently raising and lowering the internal projector, these vertebrae are delicately separated, providing a profound sense of relief for a duration of 88 seconds each. This approach ensures an elevated and holistic massage experience, whether you're enhancing your prior treatments or beginning your journey to relaxation directly with Mode 9.

Lower back pain, commonly referred to as "lumbago," is typically experienced as a stabbing sensation in the region of the lower lumbar spine and sacrum. When this level of discomfort is reached, exercises are not often effective in alleviating pain.

The body's natural mechanism to prevent pain severely limits your musculoskeletal system. Swift intervention to alleviate the strain is imperative. If possible, consulting a doctor is advisable. If leaving your home is not feasible, you should take advantage of their telephone assistance service.

Once relief has been achieved, back exercises, under the supervision of a physiotherapist, can aid in your recovery. These exercises are crucial not only to facilitate recovery but also to prevent a stiff back.

Recommendation #1 for Lower Back Pain - BASIC MODE

The Basic Program initiates the massage on the automatic thermal acupressure massage bed, commencing, like every program, with the measurement of your back and the identification of your acupressure points.

During this session, the massage rollers gently traverse your back multiple times, exerting soft pressure on the spine and the surrounding muscles. The inclusion of far infrared heat serves to alleviate muscle stiffness effectively. A combination of acupressure, and moxibustion, carefully aligns the spine and is performed at seven specific points within the cervical and thoracic spine.

The program subsequently shifts its focus to the lower back, targeting four acupoints within the lumbar spine and sacrum region. After 36 minutes and 30 seconds, this mode concludes, and it serves as a preparatory step for MODE 6.

Recommendation #2 for Lower Back Pain - MODE 6

MODE 6: Ideally, you should already be lying down comfortably on the massage bed following the use of the automatic or basic program. If not, ensure that the CERAGEM V3/V4 is preheated by switching the modes on and setting the temperature approximately five minutes in advance. Additionally, cover yourself with a blanket for more effective treatment.

The fully automatic thermal acupressure therapy massage commences in the upper back region and then transitions intensively to the lumbar area and the sacrum. The profound heat penetration, combined with acupressure techniques and gentle spine stretching, is highly beneficial for addressing stiffness in your back and promotes a deeply relaxing effect.

Each thermal acupressure application is precisely timed at 88 seconds per point and is directed towards lumbar vertebrae 2 and 4, as well as two specific points within the sacrum.

Recommendation #3 for Lower Back Pain - SEMI-AUTOMATIC MODE

The Semi-Automatic Program: Before this program, we recommend utilizing the previously mentioned programs (the Automatic program and Program Number 6). However, if that is not feasible, you can initiate this program independently.

Begin by configuring your preferred temperature and adjusting the intensity level through the remote control on the device. Once you have settled onto the thermal massager, select the precise location in your lower back where the internal roller should concentrate their efforts. The pressure on these areas is achieved by automatically elevating the heated rollers, which gently stretch your back for 88 seconds each.

The entire application spans 18 minutes on V3 and 60 minutes on V4, providing you with a comprehensive and revitalizing experience.

If you are experiencing a range of discomforts in your entire back, including stabbing, dull, throbbing, or cramp-like pain, it's important to recognize that these symptoms may stem from both physical and psychological sources. To gain clarity regarding the underlying causes and to alleviate acute pain, we strongly advise you to schedule an appointment with your family doctor.

In addition to medical consultation, for supporting therapies aimed at muscle relaxation and relief from muscle and joint pain or stiffness, we recommend exploring the therapy programs offered by our CERAGEM Master V3/V4 Therapeutic Thermal Massager. These programs encompass a holistic approach, incorporating massage, moxa therapy, infrared heat, acupressure, back stretching, and mental relaxation facilitated by soothing classical music and natural sounds.

For personalized guidance and to explore the array of programs tailored to address various forms of back pain, we encourage you to seek advice at one of our centers. Discover the effective solutions we offer for alleviating discomfort in your entire back today!

Recommendation #1 for Entire Back Pain - AUTOMATIC MODE

Whether you opt for the Automatic Program or the Basic Program, it's essential to understand that all our programs are designed with the comprehensive therapy of your entire back in mind. These two programs, in particular, are tailored to provide the most balanced treatment, promoting relaxation, and targeting back pain induced by stress.

Moreover, these massages effectively alleviate tension arising from poor posture or repetitive movements. These programs incorporate techniques rooted in alternative Oriental Medicine, such as acupressure and moxa. They seamlessly integrate with modern technology and well-established physiotherapy methods, including infrared heat treatment and back stretching, ensuring that you receive their full therapeutic benefits.

Each of these programs is set to a duration of 36 minutes and 30 seconds, offering you a thorough and rejuvenating experience

Recommendation #2 for Entire Back Pain - SEMI-AUTOMATIC MODE

The SEMI-AUTOMATIC MODE: This program empowers you to tailor your therapy precisely to your needs, targeting the areas where you experience the most discomfort. It employs a pressure massage with the added benefits of infrared heat and a moxa effect, all concentrated on the chosen area.

As the integrated thermal massage rollers gently lifts your back, they delicately stretches your spinal vertebrae. Should you wish to shift the massage to another point, simply adjust the internal projector accordingly. For an even more immersive experience, consider complementing the massage with soothing sounds via the built-in speakers. This not only relieves tension in your entire back but also calms your stress-ridden psyche.

The thermal massage session has a duration of 18 minutes on V3 and 60 minutes on V4. A tip to enhance your experience is to ensure the area above remains warm, achieved through the use of a blanket.

Recommendation # 3 for Entire Back Pain - INTENSIVE MODE

INTENSIVE MODE - The Intensive Mode is a unique feature that offers an extended massage experience lasting approximately 90 minutes.

This mode stands out for its versatility: when the internal projector is not manually adjusted, it automatically runs an optimized program.
If you wish to target specific areas of your back for massage, you have the flexibility to do so using the convenient up and down buttons. In both scenarios, you'll enjoy a deeply invigorating massage, with the intensity levels of the extension fully adjustable to suit your preference.
Notably, acupressure techniques are not applied during this mode.
What sets the Intensive Mode apart is the vigorous and continuous movement of the internal massage rollers, ensuring a thorough and revitalizing massage experience.
Furthermore, it boasts the longest duration among all available modes, allowing you to savor a prolonged and rejuvenating massage session

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